BEST Society USA is an organization for African American women business owners, those desiring to become entrepreneurs, and for ALL individuals looking to support businesses owned by African American women.  It is very important, as business owners, to keep our power network strong. Being a VIP member of BEST Society USA will allow you an opportunity to connect to an online and face-to-face community of women aross the USA who are BRILLIANT, CREATIVE, DYNAMIC, and upcoming TRAILBLAZERS from varying backgrounds.

Women looking to enhance their overall business success will be a part of this new community of positive driven women that offers rewarding benefits of organic connections, engagement, branding exposure and be provided a personal ongoing forum to promote your business with other members and millions of internet users.

We believe in working together and pooling resources in order to help fulfill one another's mission, individually and collectively.

We believe in standing by and guiding our youth Kidpreneurs and young adults who have an interest in starting and growing their businesses.

We stand on integrity and quality.

BEST Society USA strives to provide aspiring business owners with the knowledge and processes of establishing a new business.

BEST (Black Entrepreneur SisTer) Society USA was founded by Adrienne Martin, a successful African American woman business owner in Jacksonville, Florida for 21 years. Although always willing to share her experiences and expertise with aspiring business owners,  she saw an increasing need to guide and educate on a greater level, but realized she could not do it alone.
Adrienne had a strong support system over the years as she built her businesses, and wants to provide that same opportunity to the next generation of Black women business owners. Her vision came to fruition with the creation of BEST Society USA.

We  Are  The  BEST!

Let us Assist You in
Building a Legacy that will
Expand Across the USA!