2020 Boss Awards of Jacksonville Nominees


Nominate the BEST African American Entrepreneurs in Charlotte, NC. for the 2020 B.E.S.T BOSS Awards Gala-March 28,2020
Feb. 13-Feb. 29,2020-Nominate your favorites at the bottom of this page.
March 3-Nominees will be announced.
March 5-March 10, 2020-Vote for your favorites.  Winners will be announced at the BEST BOSS Awards Gala-March 28,2020.

Get your tickets today on Eventbrite.com-BEST BOSS Awards Gala of Charlotte,NC. Formal attire is required.

*BEST Nail Salon
*BEST Attorney
*BEST Actress
*BEST Realtor
*BEST Non-Profit
*BEST  Cleaning Co.
*BEST Motivational Speaker

BOSS (BrOthers Super Successful)
  Categories for Men
* BOSS Author
*BOSS Caterer
*BOSS Photographer
*BOSS Non-Profit
*BOSS Barber Shop
*BOSS Event Promote
*BOSS Fitness Coach
*BOSS Restaurant
*BOSS Bakery
*BOSS Mentoring Group
*BOSS Limousine
*BOSS Credit Repair Co.
*BOSS Custom T-Shirt & Apparel
*BOSS Attorney
*BOSS Event Planner
*BOSS Performing Arts Co.
*BOSS Realtor
*BOSS Band
*BOSS Food Truck
*BOSS Night Club
*BOSS Sports Bar
*BOSS Business Coach
*BOSS Home Improvement
*BOSS Limo/Transportation Co.
*BOSS Car Detailing Co,
*BOSS Lawn/Landscape Co.
*BOSS Barber
*BOSS Motivational Speaker
*BOSS Specialty Co.
*BOSS Funeral Home
*BOSS Trucking Co.
*BOSS Cigar Bar
*BOSS Barber
*BOSS Event Planner
*BOSS Florist
*BOSS Home Investor
*BOSS Men's Clothing Store
*BOSS Musician/Band
*BOSS Event Venue
*BOSS (You tell us the type of business)

  B.E.S.T  (Black Entrepreneur SisTer) 
       Caterories for Women
* BEST Clothinng Boutique 
*BEST Financial Advisor
*BEST Author
*BEST Shoe Boutique
*BEST Caterer
*BEST Bakery
*BEST Coffee Shop
*BEST Restaurant
*BEST Event Center/Venue
*BEST Business Consultant
*BEST Mobile Bar Service
*BEST Hair Stylist
*BEST Food Truck
*BEST Event Planner
*BEST Hair Salon
*BEST Custom Accessories
*BEST Non-Profit Co.
*BEST Accessories/Jewelry Co.
*BEST Custom T-Shirts & Apparel
*BEST Independent Consultant
*BEST Custom Wigs & Hair Co.
*BEST Private/Charter School
*BEST Photographer
*BEST Dance School
*BEST Graphic Design & Printing
*BEST Children's Boutique
*BEST Custom Sweet Treats
*BEST Event Promoter
*BEST Life Coach
*BEST Realtor
*BEST Motivational Speaker
*BEST Marketing Co.
*BEST Cleaning Co.
*BEST Nail Salon
*BEST Transportation Co.
*BEST(You tell us the type of business)