Selena Edwards is the classy and creative owner of Selena's The Bling Boutique. Her on-line boutique specializes in custom apparel, jewelry, and a host of accessories to fit your personal taste. She is a native of Jacksonville, Florida . Selena is a inspiration to many and truly believe in sharing her talents and gifts with others. Selena is no stranger to the world of entrepreneurship.

In addition to owning Selena's Bling Boutique, she is the author of  "Lay Aside Every Wait" which focuses on waiting and trusting God for the right things to happen in your life. She is also the  founder of Lay Aside Every Wait Monthly Symposiums held in Jacksonville, Fl. These monthly sharing sessions have indeed blessed many on a personal and business level. The impact of these monthly events have empowered many to find their purpose and move forward in it.  Her favorite motto is  TRUST GOD 100%.  Selena is always uplifting and encouraging others to push their passion....moving  from stagnancy to success.

We are so excited  to have this stylish,professional,entrepreneur and loving woman as a VIP Member.  Make sure you check out Selena's The Bling Boutique at, 1-904-735-4015 or on Facebook under Selena's The Bling Boutique.

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Selena's The Bling Boutique